Injured black cockatoos have found care, and a home, at Jamarri for over 25 years. These include the forest red-tailed bl ack cockatoo (naso), the short bill white-tailed black cockatoo (carnabys), and the long bill white-tailed black cockatoo ( baudins ).

100% Blacks at Jamarri are licensed rehabilitators with the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). The birds are mostly injured by car strikes and by the timber industries felling trees with chicks in the hollows.

Birds that can be rehabilitated are returned to the wild. Those whose injuries are too severe for rehabilitation find a permanent home at Jamarri, where they take part in breeding programs to ensure the survival of the species.

Although licensed by DEC, Jamarri does not receive any financial assistance from the Department, and relies on public funding, dontations, and sponsorship.

Jamarri is thankful for such assistance from:

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